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      Commercial Loans Australia

      Here at National Loans, we make commercial finance simple. Our finance experts will secure you a low rate from our large panel of lenders, providing you with the business loan that you need.

      Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used asset for business use, we can help. Our expert finance team can help you when you need truck finance, trailer finance, equipment finance, plant finance, or agriculture finance.

      When it comes to securing the right business loan, your top priority might be maintaining your business cash flow with low monthly repayments. For others, the most important step will be to secure a low interest rate, or flexible loan terms. Whatever your financial situation, we will find a loan that’s tailored to your needs.

      Business Loans For New or Used

      • Truck finance
      • Trailer finance
      • Equipment finance
      • Plant Finance
      • Agriculture finance

      Get the low doc business loan Australia can count on

      If you want finance with minimal hassle, then you may be able to secure a low doc or no doc loan. This option may suit contractors, small business owners, and those who are self-employed. By opting for a low or no documentation loan, you will not be required to provide the same documentation of your income, while still applying for reasonable terms on your business loan. Australia wide, we work with trusted banks and non-bank lenders to offer finance options for all of our customers, including those who are seeking a low doc or no doc loan. 


      The experienced team from National Loans can also assist customers who wish to secure a chattel mortgage, hire purchase, or novated lease. 


      There are many options out there for business owners, and we want to help our customers to find the business loan that is best for their unique needs. 

      Find the right business finance for any vehicle

      Here at National Loans, we have built direct relationships with a range of specialised bank and non-bank lenders. This means we can match you with the best lender, and help you to secure favourable terms on your business finance.


      We understand that many of our customers rely on their vehicles to keep the business running, and so we offer fast approval wherever possible, so that you can make the purchases that you need.

      We also have a network of car dealers, so you don’t have to be a large company to access fleet prices. Simply ask us about our free car finder service for new or used vehicles.


      Pre Approval - Get your finance first

      Understand your finance options first so you can shop with confidence and a budget in mind


      Refinance your commercial loan with us

      If you suspect that there are better rates out there, then why not make the enquiry and refinance your commercial loan with us. With access to a large pool of lenders, we could help you to find a loan at a lower rate and with lower repayments. Whether you want to free up cash flow by reducing your monthly repayment commitments, or to cut down the time it will take to pay off your loan, we can help to find the refinancing options that best meet your particular needs.

      Call the team at National Loans to discuss your options in detail, or start with a quick online quote today.


      How Can You Benefit From Us

      First time buyer

      If you are a first-time finance buyer:

      • We are available to answer all your questions.
      • We will give you peace of mind while going through this process.
      • We will offer you the best possible rate to meet your needs.
      • We will work with you as you learn the ins and outs of financing in Australia

      Experienced Buyers

      If you are an experienced buyer, we urge you to contact us today. Give us a chance to not only lower your costs and rates but offer you a better overall experience.

      If you know what you are looking for, and understand financing vehicles, you have the most to gain from us.

      Those With Credit Issues

      If you are in a circumstance where you are credit challenged we can craft a specialised plan for you to receive the loans you need without compromising your financial situation. We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to finance their lives without concern over their previous decisions.

      We work for you , not the lenders, to get you the lowest rate and lowest repayment

      Direct relationships with over 30 specialised bank and non-bank lenders

      Fast approval, in as little as 1 hour

      We protect your credit score by matching you with the best lender the first time

      Access to wholesale rates, often much lower than the banks

      Free car finder service giving you access to new vehicles at fleet prices and a large selection of used cars

      3 Simple Steps


      Apply Now

      Your finance specialist will take the information we need and search the market for the best finance package


      Choose your truck

      Already found a truck ? That’s great. Just send us the details. If not , we can get a pre-approval in place ready for your purchase


      Sign the documents and collect

      Once you’ve checked and signed the documents, we’ll settle the loan so you can collect your truck. It’s that simple!



        Your details are protected by 256bit encryption
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