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    Rates current [todays_rate]. National Loans is a Licensed Finance Broker here to assit you when you apply for Brisbane car finance online. Get finance for your car in Brisbane pre-approval today.

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    3 Simple Steps

    3 Simple Steps

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    Your finance specialist will take the information we need and search the market for the best finance package.
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    2. Choose Your Car

    Already found a car? That’s great, just send us the details. If not, we can help source your new or used car from our network of contacts.
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    3. Sign And Collect

    Once you’ve checked and signed the documents, we’ll settle the loan so you can collect your car. It’s that simple!
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    How to find the best car loan deals in Brisbane?

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    How do you compare Brisbane car loans?

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    Brisbane Car Finance Brokers vs. Brisbane Car Dealership Finance

    A dealership specialises in selling vehicles. While they offer options for cars for finance in Brisbane, you won’t get the best deals. They would prefer to keep everything in-house, but that’s not most beneficial to you as the borrower.
    If you’re looking for the best deals, you want a car loan broker in Brisbane. Because lending is what a broker specialises in, they have access to the lowest rates and the best car finance deals in Brisbane. You can quickly compare all the best deals from just one broker.
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    How quickly can I get a car loan in Brisbane?

    Once approved, the funds are directly transferred to the dealer. This means there’s nothing left for you to do except enjoy your new ride. The entire process is fast and simple for both you and the dealer, allowing you to quickly drive off the lot, soon after you’ve applied.  
     With both speed and ease in mind, it’s clear that reaching out to a broker for the best deals won’t throw a wrench in your purchasing plans.
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    Apply Online for a Brisbane Car Loan

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    Car Loan Calculator Brisbane

    Feeling a little lost about how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments might look like? Not to worry — even bad credit car loans in Brisbane are available, and you can learn more about your options by using our calculator. Just put in your details, and suddenly you’ll get a snapshot of your financing possibilities. Use this to compare deals as well to ensure you get the best rates.
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    Car Finance Brisbane Calculator

    Calculate your loan repayments
    Loan Amount $
    Loan Term Years
    Interest p.a. %
    Repayment Frequency
    Loan Repay Type
    Balloon Payment
    Balloon Payment

    Estimated repayment
    Balloon payment

    What’s next? Request a call to confirm your quote.

    Disclaimer: The calculator is provided only as a general self-help planning tool. Results depend on many factors, including the assumptions you provide. We do not guarantee their accuracy, or applicability to your circumstances.
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    The calculator is provided only as a general self-help planning tool. Results depend on many factors, including the assumptions you provide. We do not guarantee their accuracy, or applicability to your circumstances.

    Get Unsecured Car Finance Pre-Approval

    Getting an unsecured car loan pre-approval before you start looking for a car can be a very smart move. It will let you know the value of the car you can afford, so you don’t waste time looking at any vehicles that are outside your price range. You can apply for an unsecured car loan pre-approval

    Or if you’d like to find out more about different car finance options, you can read more about personal car finance here, commercial vehicle finance here, and classic car finance here.


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    Why Choose National Loans?

    Why Choose National Loans?

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    With thousands of loans delivered per year National Loans is Australia’s most trusted provider

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    We Work For You

    We work for you, not the lenders, to get you the lowest rate and lowest repayment

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    Protect Your Credit Score

    Protect your credit score by matching with the best lender the first time

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    Apply in less than 5 minutes and get your loan pre-approved in as little as 1 hour

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    Access Lower Rates

    25 years of industry experience sees us being able to access the lowest rates possible for each customer

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    Free Car Finder Service

    Get access to new vehicles at fleet prices and a large selection of used cars

    What our customers say 800+ Reviews

    Thank you Emma for your efforts in helping us getting car finance.
    Ibrahim Mr
    Ibrahim Mr
    08:48 27 May 24
    David was so very helpful. Fantastic to deal with and nothing was a problem. A dream come true I honestly can’t thank David enough for making this dream come true. Highly recommend National Loans and David.
    Carren Muhle
    Carren Muhle
    07:43 27 May 24
    Bailey Betts went above and beyond to ensure finance was completed before the delivery of my vehicle. Communication was excellent throughout the process. I highly recommend Bailey to anyone.
    Christian May44rsSFG C zip
    Christian May44rsSFG C zip
    01:00 25 May 24
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    Not all brokers or dealerships will accept applications from those with Centrelink. However, as your car loans broker, we can help you still get the best rates. We want to see everyone in their dream vehicle, and financing is the way to do it.
    When you find the vehicle you want to purchase, apply for financing from National Loans to get the best deal.

    If your income isn't from a job and is rather from disability benefits, you'll need to find a lender who will count disability benefits as regular income. While many lenders will accept these benefits as regular income, it isn't a guarantee.


    Rather than waste your time searching for a lender, apply now with National Loans, so you're that much closer to getting behind the wheel of your new ride.


    Do keep in mind that the lender will still consider your credit history before lending any money, so you'll want to not just look at your income from disability benefits but your financial history as well.

    When you're ready to purchase a car from a dealership, they will try to convince you to get your financing done with them. After all, it's extra money in their pockets. However, your best bet is to work with a broker who specialises in lending rather than specialises in selling vehicles.


    Before you agree to any financing with your dealership, compare rates from a broker. You'll see just how much you can save by stepping away from a dealer.

    Whether you're an employee or looking for self-employed vehicle loans, you can get financing for both new and used vehicles. Rates will vary depending on the vehicle, and financing may not be available for much older vehicles.


    However, don't assume the vehicle you want is off the table for financing. Most lenders will provide excellent rates as long as the vehicle is 25 years old or younger by the end of the financing agreement. If you're unsure of whether your vehicle would be eligible, reach out and see what lending terms are available to you.


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