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    Classic Car Financing

    Financing a classic vehicle has never been easier, and with generous appreciation rates, buying an older car is a rock-solid financial decision. As with any investment, it pays to do your homework. Fortunately, we've taken it upon ourselves to compile all the information you need to start your car-buying journey and secure car loans for older cars.

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    What is a Classic Car Loan?

    You may ask yourself what differentiates a classic car loan from a regular auto loan. In Australia, most secured auto loans have a seven-year limit on the vehicle’s age. Typically, if you want to buy a car beyond that limit, your only option will be an unsecured loan. The high interest from this type of loan will eat deeply into your overall profits, making older cars, by extension, a less desirable investment opportunity.


    Classic car finance loans eliminate this obstacle. Treating your vintage car similarly to a normal, secured auto loan will give you access to easier financing and lower classic car interest rates. Getting a classic car loan is an essential step in your buying journey. You’ll need to get in touch with a classic car finance broker to get started.

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    Can I Finance a Classic Car?

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    Classic Cars as an Investment

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    How Do I Apply For Classic Car Finance?

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    Buying Classic Cars as an Investment

    You must do your homework when buying a vintage vehicle as an investment. The make, model, and year are all important factors affecting your car’s resale value. If you’re approaching a classic car as an investment, it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Track historical sales prices for comparable cars. Look at which vehicles have best held their value and remember that some models are tough sells while others enjoy perennially hot markets. Finally, carefully go over the vehicle paperwork. Find out if it’s original or if it has been restored.
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    Can I Buy a Classic Vehicle From a Private Individual?

    Yes, private transactions are a common way to enter the vintage vehicle market. In fact, some of the most sought-after vehicles are held in the hands of private collectors. This is a great option if you don’t need vintage car financing. When purchasing from a private collector, it’s important to do your due diligence. It’s not enough to ask the seller about the state of the vehicle. You must also order an inspection of your own, ideally by an experienced mechanic familiar with vintage vehicles. Apply Now
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    What is a Classic Car?

    At a base level, a classic car is simply a vehicle that is 25 years or older. In practice, they earn the moniker classic due to a high level of appreciation for their style and engineering and age. In the popular imagination, vintage cars bring models like the Ford Thunderbird or Mustang to mind. However, the term encompasses many cars that extend well beyond flashier, eye-catching models like the Mustang. For example, Volkswagen Beetles also fall beneath the classic car umbrella. Classic cars are often divided by the brand, their country of origin, the time period in which they were built, and their model type.
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    How Do I Value a Classic Vehicle?

    Discovering the value of a vintage vehicle is more complicated than simply consulting Kelly Blue Book prices. Due to a variety of factors, it’s vital that you hire a qualified, third-party mechanic to look over any prospective purchase before you make an offer. Hidden defects, incompetent restorations, and heavy road use are all factors that can severely impact a classic car’s resale value. As an investor, you must pay a fair price for your initial investment, as overpaying can affect your future profit margins.
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    Classic Car Finance Pre Approval

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    Apply For A Classic Car Loan

    Need older car finance? With secured classic car loans in Australia readily available, a red-hot market, and an intuitive interface, there’s never been a better time to embark on your classic car investing journey. Apply for a tradie car loan today!
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    We called to enquire on a Thursday and by Friday we had a pre approved amount. Due to several changes in car options the details changed a few times and Brodie was always accomodating and quick to respond always making himself available to us. Very professional service. Brodie went above and beyond for us and secured the finance we needed. Excellence epitomised.You’re a legend mate💯
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    Superb service and very prompt. Looked into details and also helped with informations as a first time brand new car buyer.
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    Would absolutely recommend Billie Peeters. He made the whole process painless and was very professional and kept me up to date throughout the application. 10/10
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