Top tips for buying a caravan



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    Buying a caravan for the first time? Follow these 6 tips when caravan shopping.

    For many Australians, a caravan symbolises freedom. You can go anywhere, at any time and for as long as you like.

    If you’re a first-time caravan buyer, there’s a lot to consider and choosing the right caravan, or caravan loan, can be overwhelming. Relax, we’re here to help. Just follow our list of six tips for buying a caravan.

    1. Determine the type of travelling you plan to do

    Before you start caravan shopping, consider your travel goals. Where do you plan to travel — on the highways and byways or off-road? For how long — short getaways, cross-country trips, or living the nomad life full-time?

    This will help you decide the type (caravan, campervan or motorhome) and specs (on-road single-axle or twin-axle heavy duty) so that you choose a caravan that best suits your needs.

    2. Camping or glamping?

    Some people like bare-bones camping, others prefer glamping. Which camp (pardon the pun) do you fall into? Are you happy to rough it or do you need all the creature comforts?

    The caravan market offers everything from basic no-frills campers to high-end luxury caravans with all the mod cons and latest tech. There’s something for every comfort level.

    3. Caravan size

    The number of people traveling with you influences the size of caravan you need. Solo and two-person travellers can get by with a small to medium-sized caravan. If, however, you’re taking the family on the road, a larger caravan with enough living, sleeping, and storage space is essential.

    Keep in mind that the bigger the caravan, the more it weighs. Don’t buy a caravan that is too big for your car to tow. You also need to consider where you will store it. Do you have sufficient space at home to park a caravan?

    4. Your budget

    top tips for buying a caravan

    All of the above factors influence how much you need to spend on a caravan. Caravan prices start from around $40,000 for a small pop top to over $100,000 for a fully-loaded model with all the bells and whistles. 

    If you have budget constraints, there are plenty of used caravans for under $40,000. If you’re lucky, you may even pick up one for as little as $25,000.

    If you’re unsure what type of caravan to buy, renting or buying a used caravan is a great way to get a feel for the type of caravan that will suit you before investing in a new one.

    top tips for buying a caravan

    5. Cash or finance

    Most caravans don’t come cheap. Some cost more than an average-priced car. If you plan to buy an entry-level caravan, you can choose to save money and buy it cash. Most people, however, finance the purchase of a caravan with a loan.

    You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to lenders. Scout around and compare loans and interest rates. At National Loans, we can help you find a caravan loan with the best loan term and interest rate for your situation.

    6. Shop around

    Armed with your list of must-have features, a wish list of nice-to-haves, and pre-approved finance, you’re ready to go caravan shopping. You can buy a caravan privately, online, at an expo, or through a dealer. Just like when buying a car, take your time and shop around. Do your research on the caravan market, compare prices and don’t be shy to negotiate. 

    If you’re after more information before financing a caravan, check out our article on what to look for when financing a caravan.

    Australia has so much adventure waiting for you and what better way to explore off-the-beaten-track gems than in a caravan? For caravan loans at competitive rates, contact National Loans on 1300 358 358 or get a free quote here.


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